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Grievance Process Flow Chart:
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The UFE files grievances on behalf of individuals and groups:
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_Our Purpose:

The United Faculty of Eastern (UFE) is dedicated to promoting the rights of all faculty members at Eastern Washington University. As one of four faculty unions under the umbrella of the United Faculty of Washington State (UFWS) the UFE provides the faculty of Eastern with a unified voice in Olympia.

  _What's New:  

The 2015 Executive Board elections took place on June 8 and June 9 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm in the Faculty Reading Room in the JFK Library. 63 UFE members participated about 1/3 of the total membership.

The results are as follows:

• VP for Labor-Management
Gary Krug: 42
Liz Kissling: 21

• Secretary:
Dale Garraway: 56

•At-Large Member #1:
Kristin Edquist: 59

•At-Large Member #2:
Martin Garcia: 54

• At-Large Member #3
Jody Stewart-Strobelt: 57

The ballot was counted by Michael Conlin, Kristin Edquist, Gary McNeil, and Liping Zhu on June 9, 2015 at 3:21 pm. UFE thanks every one who voted for their participation in this election.

  _Want to join the United Faculty of Eastern?  

Become a member today: Eastern faculty can become a member of the United Faculty of Eastern by printing this online membership form: UFE Membership Form. Fill out the printed form and contact Jim Headley, We appreciate your membership and welcome your involvement in creating a vibrant and democratic faculty union!



"Full Professor or Librarian IV" = 44.28 per pay period
"Assoc. Prof. or Librarian III" = 42.61 per pay period
"Asst. Prof. or Librarian II" = 40.94 per pay period
"Senior Lecturer/Lecturer" = 31.11 per pay period

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